Totem Tiger

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Formidable and terrifying – the gold tiger personifies the energy of creation and destruction, protection and danger, nobility and rage.

Caviar Smoking Device Totem Tiger is the tobacco heating device based on IQOS, created for dynamic people that live in a dynamic tempo. The tiger is a symbol full of the energy of speed, success and achievements.

The body of the IQOS tobacco heating device is made of titanium with gold PVD covering and decorated with staining. The image of a tiger with a terrifying grin is made in the laser engraving technique on metal.

dy— устройство для нагревания табака на базе IQOS, созданное для динамичных, живущих в динамичном ритме людей. Тигр — символ, наполненный энергией скорости, успеха, достижений.

Fill in even the everyday moments of your life with deep sense with the new accessory Caviar Smoking Device Totem Tiger.


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    Modified IQOS tobacco heating device
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    Titanium with PVD covering of gold color
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    Laser engraving of a grinning tiger. Satining.
2 045 122 ₩