Totem Lion

1 857 317 ₩

Power and dignity. Men, who chose a lion as their totem animal, demonstrate their strong-willed and royal character.

The king of beasts, a furious and powerful predator carries strong energy in its image. Caviar Smoking Device Totem Lion is the accessory that will be perfect for a leader, manager and strategist. The deep symbolism of this image lies in the delicate balance between the lion’s predatory nature and its noble royal majesty.

The body of the IQOS tobacco heating device is made of titanium with black PVD covering and decorated with staining. The image of the lion with a terrifying grin is made in the laser engraving technique on metal.

For genuine royal persons Caviar Smoking Device Totem Lion will be not just a stylish everyday accessory, but also a talisman that enhances their leader’s characteristics.


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    Modified IQOS tobacco heating device
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    Titanium with PVD covering of black color
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    Laser engraving of a grinning lion. Satining.
1 857 317 ₩