Totem Goldfish

1 857 317 ₩

To be on a roll – haven’t you dreamt of letting all of your dreams come true?

The goldfish, a symbol of wealth and prosperity, will be a talisman with a deep sacral meaning for its owner. Combining a lot of senses - financial well-being, happy family life, protection from troubles and misfortune – the goldfish will be a reliable guard from hardships, a symbol that attracts wealth and abundance.

The titanium body is decorated with a relief engraving in form of waves. The gold fish is made in the laser engraving technique on metal.

If you want to show your care of the person’s wealth whom you give this present, Caviar Smoking Device Totem Goldfish based on the IQOS tobacco heating device will fit as a fiddle.


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    Modified IQOS tobacco heating device
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    Laser engraving of a goldfish. Relief wave ornament
1 857 317 ₩