Caviar Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Golden Violet

8 717 073 ₩

A smartphone model for the true appraisers of the beauty – exquisite gold flowers on the body of the ultra-modern Samsung Galaxy Z Flip.

Modest, but expressive violets means harmony and dignity in the language of flowers. This smartphone with the body of rich purple color and decorative inserts covered with 999-content gold according to the secure technology Double Electroplated will be a bright accent in the image of a modern young girl.

Just imagine your beloved lady with this luxurious smartphone in her hand: trendy and stylish, it will demonstrate the high position of its owner to everyone around.


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    Goldplating (Double electroplated, 7 mс, 999 content)
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    Volumetric engraving of floral ornament
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    Side panel:

    Caviar engraving
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    Caviar logo bas-relief (Goldplating Double Electroplated 999 content, 7 mc)
8 717 073 ₩