Caviar Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Pearl Bouquet

9 504 878 ₩

Dramatically rhythmic, exquisitely defined, luxurious in its abundance - baroque patterns in the new Caviar Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Golden Baroque model.

In the center of the composition there is the Caviar crown, framed by relief plant motifs. This design can truly be called royal due to the combination of the noble color and precious material that has been considered royal for centuries: 999-content gold covering of 7 microns according to the technology Double electroplated and the sparkling purple color of the smartphone’s body.

Caviar Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Golden Baroque is an accessory of true aristocrats, representatives of the upper class. If you wish to make a luxurious gift that is able to demonstrate your respect – this smartphone will be an excellent choice.


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    Designer’s frame with engraved heart ornaments, gold covering Double electroplated, 7 microns, 999 content.
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    Brand inscription:

    Caviar inscription, engraving
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    Flowers made in the technique of hand painting on mother-of-pearl
9 504 878 ₩