Russian jewellers have created Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra worth of $39 990.

Caviar - a Russian brand of exclusive limited edition smartphones and accessories created their own vision of Samsung Galaxy designed as playing cards.

Luxury version of the trending Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra is gold incrusted. Fortune or luck is the main theme of this new collection and that's why it's called Fortune. Smartphones are presented as the highest cards in the deck - Joker and four Aces.

Each line of phones has only 21 phones in it and it is done on purpose as number 21 is the number that gamblers have to hit to win in Blackjack where Ace can be one or eleven. This duplicity symbolizes the ever changing luck in playing cards as well as in real life when you either take it all or loose everything. Creators thought that the playing cards theme would be the best embodiment of Lady Luck herself.

Luxury pieces of Caviar Samsung Galaxy 20 are hand made with the materials of the higher probe - fine gold 750 content, black onyx, composite kirinite, rubies and sapphires.

Caviar SG S20 Fortune Gold Joker is the main model where the Joker is made of 750-content gold as well as exquisite details and engarvings depicting main elements of a deck of cards.

The playing cards that the Joker is joggling are incrusted with precious stones: rubies for diamonds and hearts, sapphires for clubs and spades. Other models of the collection have Aces on their covers.

"Almost every person has some sort of little ritual to attract luck. We also know how much luck is important for gamblers. This collection is created for them - a collection from which anyone can choose their favorite card suits and always carry it with them as a lucky charm" - the creators say.

The cost of the gold plated models are modest based on Caviar's average prices - it is $5 630.

The Joker model costs $39 990 and is designed to be a luxurious accessory for the luckiest people.