Caviar create antibacterial smartphones

The Russian brand Caviar introduced a collection of iPhone 11 Pro designs made of silver. This metal has an important bactericidal characteristic.

The collection of smartphones in 925-content silver bodies consists of 4 models. Each of them has an image of a protective symbol respected in world’s cultures made of 750-content gold.

On one model, there is the hand of Fatima – the amulet that protects its owner from damage and evil eye. On the other, there is St. Nicholas the Wonderworker, to whom people come to get help in curing diseases and illnesses. For the devotees of the Eastern wisdom, there is a blooming lotus that symbolizes pureness and spiritual balance. The lovers of the Asian culture realize their striving for peace and prosperity with the image of a majestic dragon.

The precious materials with an antibacterial effect and powerful amulets are designed to protect their owner from harmful bacterial, restore the emotional balance and help overcome stresses during this hard time.

“In difficult times, we go to the higher forces for protection and patronage. Someone find peace in religion, someone restore their peace of mind by addressing to ancient talismans. The modern world meets us with hard times that require mobilization of all inner and outer recourses. This is why the collection of iPhone 11 Pro amulet designs in the silver bodies is designed to help overcome all the obstacles on our way,” the brand’s representatives comment.

The prices for the models start from $5 290.