Caviar “Help box” set against COVID-19 is available

The Russian Brand Caviar will send an antivirus set to people, which will contain medical and designers’ masks, antibacterial hand sanitizer, hand sanitizing wipes and a set of gloves for shopping at a grocery store. The set got the name “Help Box”.

The Russian brand of smartphones and accessories Caviar works in a full compliance with the antiviral recommendations of the Government of the Russian Federation.

Firstly, the brand management apply all the necessary measures to keep safety of the enterprise’s employees. All cadres of administrators and managers work from home remotely. The technical staff has the right to be in the industrial spaces strictly one at a time wearing individual protection items. Every specialist has a personal set of disinfectants.

Secondly, the company takes all possible measures to keep health of their clients and create the most comfortable environment possible during the quarantine period. All manufactured products, packaging and related documents pass a mandatory disinfection procedure by an impact of the UV-radiation.

For the people, we’ve developed a special set that allows to protect oneself during an epidemic as much as possible. This is a special coronavirus precautionary set, which includes all must-have things: designers’ masks with an eloquent slogan “Never Give Up”, medical masks minimizing the airborne infection; medical gloves that protect from the infection through a physical contact; sanitizing hand gel and sanitizing wipes. The set also includes a small surprise – an extra gift that will bring joy during the days of isolation.

The first copies of the kit have been created. Caviar intends to develop this area and is currently looking for partners in Russia to create the products included in the package - designer masks, antiseptic gels, protective gloves and other products designed for antiviral prevention.

“The most important things in our life are the health and well-being of our loved ones. With special anxious and sincere worries, we are following the situation with the COVID-19 infection. This is why we collected the information from medical sources and interviewed our clients about the things they would love to see in a protection kit against coronavirus. As a result, the “Help Box” appeared which we’ll going to add to the shipping set totally free. But to scale the project, we need partners.”, Sergey Kitov, Caviar CEO comments.