Caviar — the Russian brand of exclusive accessories.

Caviar smartphones and watches unite the technologies of the future and the elegant luxury. Each new product becomes a loud premiere in the world of luxe-class accessories. Exclusive materials: gold, precious stones, genuine leather embodied in limited collections – we’ve collected the best materials for the most sophisticated audience.

Caviar Atelier — the exclusive jewelry workshop that creates true masterpiece according to individual sketches. All accessories issued by the atelier, are presented in a single copy and are not subject to reissue.

Mission and Purpose

Caviar mission is to highlight the individual style of every person through everyday accessories by customizing and developing elite collection in limited editions.

The main purpose is becoming a worldwide-known Russian luxe-class brand. Caviar strive to demonstrate to the whole world that Russia is the homeland of impressive, luxurious accessories.


The days have been dragging on and on unbelievably wearisomely, when the humans faced a painful task to choose from selected options. Caviar create a new era – the era of genuine luxury enclosed in the unique possibility of absolute personalization. Caviar lifestyle is an individuality that you want to announce to the world; extraordinary limitedness deliberately underlined in every collection; the reflection of your inner world embodied in the diversified design by Caviar. Be free in your wishes. And the world will be at your feet.


Why search for compromises if you can get it all? While world’s catwalks dictate to us what to wear and how to look, a Caviar man opts for his own opinion. Fashionable styles of the upcoming are not important for him, relevant colors leave him cold: it is he who decides what clothes are worthy of his persona. Caviar gives you exactly what you’ve been dreaming about so much: exceptional luxury that knows no analogs. During ten years, the brand has been transforming and changing together with you: we cleared new heights side by side and kept the strength of the character and recognizable brand’s DNA. We will do it for you. Always.


Caviar journey started, as it is customary in the Russian history, from the cooperation with foreign masters. This is what both the Ancient Rus’ and the Fatherland of Peter the Great were created with. So, the history of Caviar started with the partnership with Florentine masters of jewelry art as well. Adopting the best traditions of Italian masters, Caviar embodied and reinterpreted them in inimitable specificity inherent to the Russian realities only. Years passed. Today, we can confidently say that Caviar is an exclusively Russian brand. We create products that are valued worldwide: they are used by the great officers of Russia and foreign countries, presented to great actors and athletes, given as a token of gratitude to business partners.


By combining exquisite luxury of individual and limited design, Caviar masters have cleared heights in the work with jewelry metals and precious stones, complicated mechanisms and manual engraving techniques, unique materials and extravagant solutions. Each Caviar accessory is modified manually: the work on engraving, encrusting, enamel drawing is made by dozens of masters who passed a hard selection and had a thorough study of all quality standards of the brand. As a result, you get true exclusiveness created for you exceptionally.

Brand History


We created the brand concept for Caviar. We created the first collection of gold phones based on a new product of that time – iPhone 4s.


We created Caviar online boutique. The sales of the first collections of modified iPhone gadgets started: the gold collection of iPhone 4s and iPad Mini, diamond collection of iPhone 5.


Caviar issued precious iPhone 5s. Among the brand’s clients there were the actor Alexander Inshakov, the boxer Nikolay Valuev.


The collection of smartphones with portraits of President Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin designed specifically for the Russian market, was sold out after two days.


We started the cooperation with the designers Daniel Mazoni and Paolo Reato, who wee famous in Italy with their works for the brands Ducatti and Pininfarina. We created the first precious Caviar Apple Watch covered with gold and decorated with miniature symbolical manual engravings.


We created a bulletproof smartphone within the Force collection in honor of the Day of the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs. We created a smartphone with a body of damask steel in honor of the indestructible military power of the Russian Armed Forces demonstrated in Syria.


We introduced the technology of double application of the 999-content gold covering Double Electroplated of 7 mm in the production.


We created an international online boutique and came to global sales. We create the unique Grand Complications Collection – an integration of skeletonized watch mechanism into the smartphone’s body. We created Tsarpone – men’s push-button phone echoing the shape of a royal sword.


We created the most expensive smartphone in the world - Caviar iPhone Solarius in the body of 750-content gold encrusted with diamonds. We launched our exclusive Superior Collection, the design of which was based on pieces of private things belonged to celebrities: Steve Jobs, Mohammed Ali, Joe Frazier, Mike Tyson, and Marilyn Monroe. We extended our assortment: we launched our own series of mechanic tourbillon watches, AirPods Pro, tobacco heating systems, smartphone cases, and portable chargers.